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Hi, I’m Kim!

As a community servant at heart, Kim M. Kerr has committed her life’s work to breaking barriers, shifting mindsets and inspiring positive belief systems within her spheres of influence

Kim, often referred to as the consummate “connector,” has a passion for people that drives her to engage leaders and develop partnerships across industry, academic and non-profit sectors. 

Leaders read. Period. Join L.E.A.D. NOW on a reading journey.



Leading Ladies live to break down barriers, serve all sectors of society, and lead without limits in all their spheres of influence! Kim partners with women and girls of all ages to help shape a positive self-image, build confidence, succeed in academic and career pursuits, and nurture their leadership potential.

Relevant contributions include: Designed programming framework to launch International Women’s Day virtual event broadcasted to 750+ attendees in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in support of women’s affinity group objectives.  Host and facilitate Leading Ladies events to empower girls ages 13-17.

Kim served as moderator for International Women’s Day event in partnership with Global Strategies Association of Chicago. 

Managed Welfare-to-Work initiatives in partnership with the Welfare to Work Partnership, the City of Chicago, and the Illinois Department of Health & Human Services; led employment workshops for predominately female audiences; recruited 1,000+ job seekers and 10% placement rate with 80% year one retention rate.

Kim is here to help you LEADNOW!

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